TEC Canada

TEC Canada international affiliate, Vistage International, is the world’s leading, exclusive membership organization for CEOs, Presidents and business owners, with over 20,000 members in sixteen countries. Generating nearly $300 Billion in annual revenue, and employing more than 2 million people. Each member joined TEC to become a better leader, to make better decisions, and to enjoy much better results.

Members meet monthly to discuss the challenges and opportunities of their enterprises and to learn techniques and ideas that help them keep their businesses and their personal lives in good shape. These sessions are coordinated and managed by chairs who are professionally trained to keep important issues in front of the group. As well, experts from North America speak to the group for half a day on a monthly basis about topics related to the members and their businesses.

With the primary goal of building a special group of peers, TEC group members are comfortable interacting with each other and sharing their experiences, whether problems or successes. Because trust is key to the group’s success, it is essential that members not be in competition with each other, nor be major suppliers or customers.

For more information on TEC, contact Joe Gillivan, jgillivan@tec-canada.com or visit www.tec-canada.com