TEC Nova Scotia

As a certified, internationally-trained Executive Coach, Joe Gillivan brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the TEC model in Nova Scotia. Currently, Joe chairs two TEC CEO groups here in Nova Scotia.

TEC is part think tank, part group discussion and part individual problem solving for its members. TEC groups have typically 16-18 members from non-competing industries with membership offered by invitation only.

Although richly diverse in their passions and interests, TEC members all share certain characteristics. They are:

  • creative, innovative thinkers
  • lifelong learners, energized by challenges and passionate about business
  • open to honest, candid feedback and committed to self-examination and scrutiny
  • willing to embrace change and growth, both personally and professionally
  • eager to share experiences and wisdom and to actively contribute to the success of others
  • involved in charitable and philanthropic causes because they care about their communities

Because people in the same type of business tend to know each other’s minds and have similar blind spots, it is important to have a variety of businesses represented, offering all members a stimulating range of perspectives. It is essential that members not be in competition with each other, nor be major suppliers or customers.

TEC CEO Forum delivers a strong return on investment by providing the equivalent of 12 full-day, confidential group meetings per year with up to 18 peers from non-competing industries, including:

  • Eight workshops with expert business speakers from North America, covering a full spectrum of business issues and personal development topics
  • Round table discussions focusing on personal, professional and business issues and goals
  • 12 Individual coaching sessions per year with Joe Gillivan, a Certified International Trained Executive Coach
  • Access to Joe Gillivan throughout each month by phone
  • Online access to a vast collection of MBA-calibre material
  • Gateway to a vibrant international community of passionate business leaders through TEC Canada’s affiliation with Vistage, a world-wide network.

For more information, contact Joe Gillivan, jgillivan@tec-canada.com or visit www.tec-canada.com


Joe Gillivan TEC Nova Scotia