Why Coaching?

Coaching is an interactive process within a set of agreements to promote desired change for the client. The desired changes target a chosen area of life, professional or personal.

The coaching conversation directs the client’s choices, communication, and action towards their goals and desired outcomes, in alignment with the client’s values, vision, and purpose. This results in increased motivation to make the changes that increase learning, performance, and fulfillment, both personally and professionally. Increased leadership competency is a natural outcome.

The services provided by the coach to the client are in-person or telephone sessions as designed collaboratively between the coach and the client. Coaching is not advice giving, counseling, or therapy. Coaching may address such topics as goals, projects, business development, relationships, challenges and successes, and barriers or balance in the client’s life or profession.

Is coaching for you? If you’re ready to make a desired change or know what you need to make a change in your life, then coaching is a great way to facilitate that change and find the results you desire.

Potential Benefits of Coaching

  • Enrichment of what it means to lead a fulfilled life and career for the client
  • Support for the process of identifying values and strengths, visions and mission statements, achievements, and goal attainment
  • Achievement of a more balanced life
  • Improvement of communication skills and inter-personal effectiveness
  • Identification of ‘blind spots’ to bring awareness towards how and where the client may be putting themselves at risk
  • Valuable feedback with only the client’s objectives in mind and at heart

The Coaching Process

  • A coaching program typically consists of a minimum of ten hours over a four to six month period. This time-frame can be altered and customized to specific situations and requests.
  • Based on the Adler Institute model and personal experience, at least ten hours of coaching are required for substantive change to occur.
  • Each session is typically one hour in length, beginning with one to two in-person meetings to construct a framework and identify goals of the coaching sessions.
  • Some preparation work is required to identify goals and strengths and bring clarity to the goal-setting process.
  • Following the in-person meetings, typically eight telephone sessions will take place.
  • Most of the real work and results happen between coaching sessions as the client gains more self-awareness, begins to think and see things differently, takes on learning and action commitments, and proceeds with fulfilling commitments made during the actual coaching session.
  • At the conclusion of the coaching agreement, there is an opportunity to evaluate results, ensure the client stays on the path of development and learning, and discuss the next steps – which may include additional follow-up coaching if necessary.

Can coaching help you with your overall skill level and performance? There is considerable evidence that coaching to support skill development increases the likelihood of effective and sustained application of skills.

Coaching for Skill Development and Performance

Recent studies show that a client’s performance is more likely to sustain learning from a training program and more apt to apply the concepts and skills if supported by post-training ‘follow-up coaching’

Manager as a Coach

Coaching has evolved into a powerful process to create meaningful results while developing people and providing them with fulfilling work experiences. Organizations committed to high performance are increasingly using external coaches to work with high-leverage individuals. At the same time, coaching is becoming an integral part of the manager/leader role.

As a result, many organizations are creating processes and strategies to support the development of coaching skills in the leadership group while supporting the development of a coaching culture.

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