With thirty years of experience in leadership and management roles in the hospitality industry combined with an additional fifteen years of coaching experience, Joe Gillivan has developed a niche skill set in coaching and supporting executive leaders.


Recognized by their organization as its next generation of business and community leaders, TEC Inside provides these up and comers round table sessions that will foster their professional and personal growth. With Joe Gillivan as their coach, they’ll learn to think strategically, gain access to models of success, and be offered unbiased advice – all geared to promoting best practices to these valued employees. 

By taking full advantage of this peer-to-peer program for their up and comers, businesses and organizations will:

  • Ensure that the growth of your emerging leaders aligns with your organizational goals
  • Equip this group with the skills and strategies to take on future roles of increased responsibility
  • Enrich staff experiences within your organization with a membership in this program using it as an unparalleled retention tool, proving you value their work and you want them to stay
  • Expose your up and comers to a world of TEC resources to help them to further hone their leadership skills and apply them to the continued growth of your organization.

For more information on either Serviam or TEC coaching, please contact Joe Gillivan by email.

Although richly diverse in their passions, interests, and lines of business, all TEC members share certain characteristics.

Although richly diverse in their passions, interests, and lines of business, TEC members all share certain characteristics.

They are:
creative, innovative thinkers ∘ lifelong learners ∘ energized by challenges passionate about business  open to honest, candid feedback committed to self-examination and group analysis willing to embrace change and growth, personally and professionally eager to share experiences and wisdom actively contribute to the success of others involved in charitable and philanthropic causes because they care about their communities.


TEC Canada’s CEO confidential sessions are by invitation and are coordinated and managed by Joe Gillivan.


TEC Key Executive members are geared to Vice-Presidents, C-suite Executives and Directors who hunger for professional and personal growth.